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Scenario #3
Lo's Tale
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He’s your best friend, Lo. Do you really want to do this? I kept asking myself.

I should’ve gone home so long ago, but there wasn’t much time left on the clock, his eyes were low, my insides were on fire, and the only thing that was able to put them out was him. My best friend of so many years that I’d strategically avoided by tossing myself into relationship after relationship, afraid that our true connection would alter our friendship. And, I didn’t want that. Not for him or me. One of us was bound to fuck up and I’d rather keep him as a friend than to lose him as a man.

But, this was inevitable. We could no longer fight it. Especially not tonight with our conflicting schedules and the time that had elapsed since we’d last seen each other. I couldn’t bare the thought of not feeling him deep within me. On me. Making love to me like he meant every stroke – of his tongue and his dick. I needed that like I needed my last breath.


“Lola,” he all but groaned, erasing the space between us and pulling me into his arms. Here, I felt safe. Here, I felt home. Here, I felt everything. Here, I felt him.

“Make love to me,” I begged, gasping as he took my neck into his mouth, suckling before licking.

“My pleasure,” he responded, lifting me in his arms as I wrapped my legs around his waist and lowered my lips onto his.





From the way that his tongue touched my insides to the smell of my inebriated juices on his face when he finally came up for air, I was smitten. Standing at six feet one, Lennox’s dick wasn’t too far behind in length. It stretched down the side of my leg, hinting at a good time while our tongues danced.

“I missed you, too, Lola,” Lennox established what I’d already known.

But, this time, his words were deeply-rooted in our past. He hadn’t only missed my absence, but his ability to have me at any time, any place. It was the pact we’d made all those years ago in college. We were both miserable when our days together ended. It was the one time that we felt like something more than what we’d admitted to ever being. And, it felt too good to be true so we ended it as soon as we could. And, I didn’t regret any of it knowing that we both had some soul searching before finding our way back to each other. Somehow, I always knew that we would.

“I missed you, tooooo,” I moaned as his unexpected entry caused my walls to part and body overheat. It had been so long. Too long.

“I’m home,” Lennox sighed in my ear, resting inside me.

He wasn’t in a rush to maneuver. We’d been here before and it had felt just as awakening as the moment before us. It was true. He was home.

When his heart permitted, Lennox slid in and out of me slowly, softly. The ridges and grooves in his dick acclimating themselves with my matured oasis that clung to his flesh – resisting each attempt to eject himself. But, he never went too far. Only until his bulgy head felt the cool air between us before coming back inside for more warmth.


“You feel so fucking good, Lola,” Lennox whimpered.


“Shit,” he panted, removing himself completely before he met his eruption.

His large lips and thick tongue snaked across my pussy, devouring it wholly. I began to convulse under his spell, feeling my moment as it neared. The tingling rose from my midsection, ending where we connected. Deafening and earth-shattering, my orgasm knocked every ounce of sense I’d ever acquired out of me and left my ears ringing as my ass bounced off the marble floors beneath me.

“Lennnnnox!” I shuttered.

And, he continued to feast as if I was his last supper. I gripped the bit of curly hair that he had on his head and pulled his dark face from my pussy. I dragged his head as far as I could before finally resting my ass on the floor, again.

“Oh fuck,” a labored breath rushed with the words.

Before I was able to get myself together, I smelled my personal fragrance on his flesh and felt his bulging head at my lips. Without hesitation, I widened my mouth to accommodate his girth. Tasting my slipperiness on his rod was a pleasure. Because my position was compromised, I slowly rose and we changed places, his dick never leaving my mouth. Now, on his back, I was able to have full control of my movements. Immediately, I grabbed the base of his dick with two hands that I graced with fresh saliva that he’d extracted from continuously brushing the back of my throat and igniting my gag reflex.

In different directions, I slid my hands up and down his base, often purposely allowing the top one to contact my lips as I continued to allow slob to run down them both. Lennox’s legs were tight, ass too, confirming that his toes were on the verge of breaking from the curling. If I continued to carry on the way that I was, he wouldn’t survive, and he had no one to blame but himself. He’d taught me everything I knew.

“Get the fuck up here and ride this motherfucker, Lo,” he hissed, visibly on the verge of his climax. The veins in his head and dick were sprouting.

Following directions, I slid down onto his hardness slowly, utterly and overly obsessed with the way he felt inside of me. I’d missed every second of Lennox. It wasn’t a secret. We both knew that our time together were the best times of either of our lives.

“I’m going to cum, Lola,” Lennox whined at the realization.

Prolonging the inevitable, I halted movements to take a moment to state the obvious, “I love you,” I reminded him. “You love me?”

I was one that needed assurance, and all the time. It kept me grounded and my mind from wandering. I needed to know that I was loved and appreciated often.

“Like you wouldn’t understand, Lo.”

With those words in mind, I looped my hands around my ankles for balance. I watched as Lennox’s head fell back onto the pillow beneath him on the floor. He wasn’t a fool. The scrunching of his features told me that he knew exactly what was next. Up and down, I bounced on his pretty brown pole as if it was the last ride of my life.

Within two minutes, it was his ass bouncing from the ground and calling my name as he released his minions inside of me. Knowing that I had the birth control implant in my arm, I wasn’t worried about consequences. Only our current actions and I found myself slightly upset that it wasn’t my face that he’d planted his seeds on.

"Where do we go from here," I asked through labored breathing.

"We go wherever our love will take us and I have a feeling that shit is going to take us very fucking far, Lo."


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