Haux Tales: True's Story

Haux Tales

Scenerio #4
True's Tale


Six weeks, that’s how long it had been since he’d graced my presence and every second of that had been spent imagining this moment. imagining us. Together. Combined. Holding one another, panting and moments from our climaxes. He’d swooped in and swooped me right off my feet. And, to my disbelief, he wasn’t even my type.

The red teddy that I had plans of changing in would have to wait for another day. I could feel the numbness of my throat from the Throat Babe I’d sprayed seconds before stepping out onto my balcony where he stood pulling on a blunt he’d rolled while I napped. The aroma had awakened me and led me straight to the source. The source, himself, had led me down a winding path of lust and desire that I couldn’t quite explain.

But, I didn’t exactly want to. Our Valentine’s Day had been spent indulging in laughter and moments that were almost too good to be true. In all of my 10 years as an adult, I couldn’t remember a single time where I’d been celebrated on the holiday. It was always a sore subject for me. One that didn’t revolve around love or involve the amount of pampering I’d received tonight.

His generosity didn’t just start tonight, either. For the last six weeks he’d been courting me. Listening to me. Hearing everything that he needed to and even things that he didn’t. He’d been patient with me as I toggled with my own issues and dealt with my own shit before making this thing official. And, I thought about it all on my way to the ground with every intention to reward him for his efforts. Because, finally, I felt like the girl of someone’s dreams and it felt damn good.

I wasn’t exactly sure what had gotten into me or why I couldn’t reduce the flame between my legs while around this man. While I was disgusted with myself, I was too intrigued with him to take the required time to reconsider my actions. And, for once, I wasn’t moving how I thought a man wanted me to.

I was simply going with the flow. My flow. The one I’d orchestrated and was in complete control over. Nothing – tonight or any other night – would happen that I didn’t want to or wasn’t feeling. That was the difference and that was the reason I found myself on knees unbuckling Jude’s jeans at his request.

He tossed the blunt over the balcony. His hands squeezed the sides of my cheeks as he lifted my head until our eyes met. Without verbally questioning my certainty, he stared at my rounds being sure that this was everything that I wanted… and it was. Even if not tomorrow or the next day, it was what I wanted tonight. He was what I wanted tonight. There wasn’t a question about it.

Slightly, Jude lifted at the urgency of my taps on his thighs. I wanted his jeans off and his dick striking the air that we shared. And, the second his boxers passed the lower half of his thighs, it sprang out, dangling so close to my chin that I began to salivate.

Sucking dick tonight wasn’t in my plans if you’d asked me weeks ago, but here we were and the beauty of his piece made it too fucking hard not to put him in my mouth. I wanted his jewel to buried in my throat. Deep. As deep as it would go.

 “Truuu-,” Jude protested, but was silenced when my warmth consumed him. “Baby, list… eeeen. Shit.” He groaned.

Without hesitation, I lowered my head until his dick touched the back of my throat and activated the continuous saliva needed to lubricate his stick with ease. With a gag reflux that was enabled by the depth of his dick, I felt my eyes water as my stomach suck and chest caved. The horrific sound that came from my throat caused Kincaid’s hands to lock in the air and face to harden as he stared down at me.

“Yo, what the fuck are you doing?” he demanded answers.

Seeing as though he appreciated the risky behavior, I pushed him a bit further into my mouth as my eyes prickled and stomach deflated, again. His dick was covered in clear, bubbly straight from throat, allowing me to grip it with both hands. Continuing to suction his bulging head, I twisted both hands in opposite directions, never breaking eye contact.

“Fuck this shit,” Jude groaned, obviously chastising himself for closing his eyes and nearly losing his shit. I, too, took the moment to close mine and savor the taste of his flesh. His beautiful flesh. Flesh that was the perfect shades of brown, even the lightest that covered his entire head.

“Fuck this shit,” he repeated as I felt his fingertips at my scalp before I was lifted from my knees and hauled into the night air.

Before I was able to comprehend exactly what was happening, I felt wind beneath me and the thickness of his head at my entry threatening to break me in half. And, I wanted him to. Break me into a million tiny pieces and then glue me back together with his semen. I wanted to be his puzzle.

His quest.

His… whatever.

As long as I was his for the night, he could have his way with me.

“Hmmmmm, fuck.”

He was vocal. I loved it. Loved this. Loved everything.

“Uh,” I managed as I attempted adjusting to his girth without whimpering as if I had never experienced such a gifted man before. But, truthfully, I hadn’t. A few had come close, but damn. With my panties slid to the side, he conquered his quest. He conquered me.

“Relax,” Jude whispered, sinking his teeth into my neck for the second time.

And, as much pain as it brought, the pleasure seemingly outweighed. The deflection allowed him to stretch me beyond imagination. As he did, I tightened the grip around his neck, pulling him forward until my head fit snuggly between his neck and shoulder.


“Damn your shit hot,” he rushed out with thick, penetrating breaths. “Fuck.”

“Jude,” I repeated as the bottom of my cheeks reached the top of his thighs slowly. He’d reached the pits of me. There wasn’t anywhere else for him to go.

“True,” he returned, as distressed and discombobulated as I was, “Shut the fuck up and don’t call my name like that. You’re going to make me bust.”

Nodding in understanding, I pulled his chest even closer to mine as I felt him lift me higher into the air before lowering me on his balls, again. I tossed my head backward, unable to control the animalistic howling that emerged from my throat. The grip that I had around his neck loosened, freeing my fingers just before I clawed at Kincaid’s scalp. My elbows digging into his shoulders as he dug into me.







“My God,” I whimpered, feeling my climax rise.

“Leave that nigga out of this,” Jude advised, spinning me around until back graced the chilled banister of my balcony.

With such an elevated temperature, it felt a lot colder than it was. Nevertheless, I didn’t give two fucks. Instead, I focused more on balancing myself and making sure that I had the perfect angle before I flip the tables right-side-up and gained control of the situation at hand. Up and down, I slid down Jude’s rod with my balance intact and legs hoisted in the air.

“Shit,” he muffled, watching me as I watched him tuck his bottom lip in to bite.

For me, that did it. His decline was my elevation. The first wave was accompanied with tingles from the pit of my stomach all the way to the top of my pussy. Then there was the second wave, an appalling force that started at the tip of my toes, dragging it’s hollowing ache up toward my spine. And, then, finally the third wave pulled it all together, causing them to collide and burst upon contact. My eyes closed, involuntarily, as my head fell backward – dangling like a ragdoll. My body convulsed, slowly but significantly. The intensity of my womanly nature forced Kincaid’s dick out of my warmth and into the night air as my waters began to fall. As if he’d dived into my pool, a splash sounded in the silence before hitting the concrete beneath us.

“Fu… Fuck!” I heaved. “Fuck.”

Falling in line, Jude re-entered me immediately, grabbing my chin and forcing my eyes to his. His face was twisted, jawline rigid and features tight. If I hadn’t known any better, I would’ve assumed he was mad. Upset. Angry. Both from the way he was hammering me into the banister and the pressure his fingers applied to my face as he ripped me to shreds.

“A fucking squirter!” he barked. “FUCK, man!”

His pumps were numbered. Time was limited. Explosion was near.

“A fucking squirter,” he all but whispered this time before pulling his dick out of me and spinning me around to face the dark skies.

Jude re-entered me without missing a beat, smacking my ass upon entry. He left me with little room for movement so avoiding his vicious strokes was impossible. So, I took it. I took every inch of him until I felt him remove himself and replace his dick with his hand. I spun around to face him as I watched his bulging dick bounce up and down, still lubricated in my secretions. As his fingers worked my insides with their intent obvious, I grabbed his slab and began massaging the semen out that sat near his head. As my I began to flow, barely able to hold my balance, so did he. In my hand, I felt his hot, thick cum.

“Shit, girl,” he grunted with a shake of the head.

Damn, I thought, feeling the remnants of my orgasm running down my legs.



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