6+ Ways To Moisturize Your Baby's Hair + Prevent Balding in the Back

We’ve all seen it. The babies with the big patch of missing or thinned hair in the back of their head. Caedence (my firstborn) was missing hair in the back for months on top of months. With my second child, Kenzington, I’ve learned a few tricks and have been able to maintain moisture and keep her hair from falling out completely in the back. Admittedly, it thinned when she was a few months old and seemed like it would completely fall out, but I saved it and that is why I am writing this blog post. I’m ready to share my secrets with other moms who may be facing the same issue. 

First of all: Babies balding at the back is OKAY! They sleep on their backs and lay on their backs for the better part of their young lives which result in loss of moisture and excessive friction which eventually leads to breakage.

Now… let’s continue.

How to Moisturize Your Baby's Hair and Prevent Balding

1. Stop shampooing your baby's hair so much!

The first thing I want to warn parents against is shampooing their little one’s hair. Babies don’t do enough to require shampooing every day or every week. Shampooing completely dries our baby’s hair, especially if it is not thoroughly conditioned and moisturized afterward. I’m an adult and only shampoo about every 8-12 days. There’s no way in hell I’m going to shampoo my daughter’s hair more than I do my own when she is doing much less in her little busy life. Given, she stays home with me and doesn’t go to daycare. Every few days for your kid’s shampoos is fine, but every other day - in my opinion - is too much. For me, I completely stopped shampooing Kenzington’s hair, and I will tell you why in tip #2.


2. Condition your baby’s hair. Co-washing is much better than shampooing.

After I shampooed Kenzi’s hair, I found it to be extremely brittle. I hated it. I knew that with shampooing, she was losing all of her moisture and it was so hard locking it back in after. So, I stopped shampooing her hair altogether. Instead, I co-wash and not even with conditioner. Tip #3 will explain my process for co-washing Kenzi’s hair. After axing the shampoo, I’ve seen a dramatic increase in moisture and growth.

3. Use a natural oil to co-wash your baby’s hair.

For me, it is between Pure, Mo' Magic and Growth Guru. I don’t bother wetting her hair. Instead, I remove her shirt before bath time and soak every strand in the serum of our choice that night. I, then, proceed to get her ready for her bath while the serum sets and attaches itself to her hair follicles. After I’ve bathed her and she’s played enough, I rinse the serum out of her hair.

4. Moisturize your baby’s hair while it is damp.

If you’ve ever wondered why the moisturizer didn’t last that you put into your baby’s hair, it is probably because you didn’t lock it in. A great way to lock moisture into your baby’s hair is to moisturize it while it is damp. After you have parted and oiled the scalp, then make sure you get the ends. Cover the entire head and not just spots. Comb through it to detangle AND make sure that every piece of hair has been treated.

5. Don’t believe the hype. Oil (+Butters) and water are STILL the best combinations for your baby.

People go to the store and buy a million products when the best hair growth serum you can come across is NATURAL and usually homemade. The best combination I use on Kenzington is oil and water. Try it. It will have your child’s hair growing like a wildfire.

Our Mo' Magic & Growth Guru Serums will be amazing on your baby to promote growth, thickness, and health. 

6. When you see your baby’s hair thinning in a certain area, don’t ignore it. Take action. Next is breakage and you can avoid it!

Don’t be discouraged when you see a ‘spot’. Be proactive. Give it a little more attention than you do the rest of your baby’s head. Love on it. Don’t ignore it. Check on it every day, several times a day. Get aggressive and don’t let it win.

7. Get a satin-lined blanket, pillowcase, or sheets.

Most of the time, the loss of moisture is a result of the friction from the cotton that our babies lay on every day. Eliminate this issue with satin/silk. Lay your baby on the satin/silk versus the cotton and that is one aspect of your stress that you can do away with.

8. Protect the back of your baby’s head!

Kenzington’s dad once asked me one day why I was putting only the back of her hair into a ponytail before she went to sleep. Well, it was during the time that I noticed her hair thinning in the back. My goal was to keep her off that area. By covering the area with hair around it and using it to support the area, I was able to save it. I am really quick to throw a single ponytail or a braid back there before bedtime.