Hey, honey. If you're here it's probably because you didn't lose your faith in my brand as I did. It's been 6 months since I made a single product, sub-leased my shop, felt a sadness that can not be explained, realized my business wasn't going to survive if it continued the way that it was, decided to give up. Now, 6 months later, I'm well-rested, have analyzed my business as a whole, and proudly taken responsibility for my role in the demise of it. With all of this, I've curated a new, but familiar experience that I'm certain you will love. One that will remind you of why the brand was created and why it belongs, still. We're back to the basics, honey. We're back to Ok, Honey. the self-care brand that advocates for your mental, physical, and emotional wellness. If you placed an order between Dec 30th-now, my apologies! I completely checked out. The business had completely shut down. I had completely shut down. But next month, we will return. And, with that return, we're including a better customer service experience, better shipping rates and times, larger sizes, amazing pricing, and a well-refined product list. If you're with it, drop your email in the appropriate space to began receiving information about the Rebirth of Ok, Honey. It's going to be grand. See you soon... -Mercy, Founder