Too Thick

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Too Thick is full of ingredients that promote the growth of healthy fat, plumping your booty as a result. With the stimulation of the collagen of your rear, you’ll begin to see growth in only a few uses. ♥️
Its counterpart is Thickums, the natural butt enhancing serum. Paired, they’ll have you all the way together! The pair promotes firmness, plumpness, smoothness, and fat in all the right places. 
Directions: Break through the initial layer of cocoa butter to the second layer. Remove the desired amount with finger and rub against booty cheeks. The skin will heat the mixture so that it is easy to glide across your skin. Wear as a balm or rinse. If you plan to rinse, leaving it on overnight will yield the best results. Within 10 days, one will notice more fat on their booty. 
Results may vary.


Contains the following:

coconut oil | cocoa butter | flaxseed oil | grapeseed oil | olive oil | jojoba oil | cinnamon oil | fenugreek | beeswax