GIRL PARTS natural anti-perspirant

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For all your GIRL PARTS!

I (Mercy) don’t know about every woman in the world but I’m aware that most of us get sweaty between our thick thighs, under our boobs, and right under our ass cheeks. 

Every day I’m putting on my regular deodorant ‘down there’ and I hate it. So, I did something about it.  

Meet Girl Parts. An anti-perspirant that will keep your girl parts in check through the summer months and beyond.

Girl Parts:

Absorbs odors

Protects broken skin

Fights chafing

Evens & tones skin

Reduces appearance of dark marks, scarring

Prevents sweating + embarrassing set spots  

Made for:

Boobs (between + under)


Lower back pockets (right above ass)


Pxssy pockets (slit between thighs and cooch)

Booty cheeks (underneath)






rosemary, lavender, lemon, chamomile 

Customer Reviews

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Hello Prettii
If you have a larger bust, this product is for you

I wear a size 36 G bra, yes a G!! and I live in TEXAS. So I was looking for a product to help combat my underboob sweat as well as between my breast. I am so glad I stumbled across "Girl Parts". It works perfectly, trust me I tested it bike riding in the summer in Houston.. and my under and between boob stayed DRY DRY. Make the investment- you will NOT regret it