Growth Guru Elixir Spritz

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Let's call it water on steroids! Our extra-strength hair growth formula was created for those who are experiencing hair loss, breakage, shedding, troubled spots, and showing early signs of alopecia and have now been added to distilled rose water for a daily spritz that your hair won't be able to resist. Be proactive with your hair health and help promote the growth you desire.

Growing your hair can be challenging, especially if you're unsure of how to properly moisturize and manage your moisture. Growth Guru was formulated to help keep your hair moist with amazingly beneficial ingredients that are filled with riches. Watch as your hair begin to transform in front of your very own eyes. Your length checks will never be the same. The benefits of Growth Guru are endless. Growth and moisture in a single bottle.

Contains the following:

tea tree oil | rosemary oil | lavender oil | calendula flower | rose water


Directions: Spritz hair daily as needed/desired. Style as normal.