See This Glow? Exfoliating Facial Wash

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It’s like a million products in ONE! You can exfoliate, even the tone, brighten, clear, and clean your bra straps, underarms, yoni, knees, thighs, butt, face, heels, hands, and back. It’s an all in one combination. It’s as cleansing as it is moisturizing. You really want to put this one on your list.



  1. wet desired area.
  2. scoop a small amount into hand.
  3. rub hands together to activate the wash.
  4. apply to the desired area.
  5. rub into the skin thoroughly.
  6. rinse + repeat 3-7xs weekly.



  • raw honey
  • turmeric (note that turmeric sometimes stain)
  • organic coffee
  • coconut sugar
  • olive oil
  • natural black African soap


honey drizzled coffee uses:

  • exfoliating face wash
  • yoni exfoliator to prevent ingrown hairs and lighten/even the skin tone.
  • underarm toner to remove dark spots.
  • bra strap toner to remove dark spots.
  • preventing dark spots and dryness on inner thighs.
  • cellulite reducer.
  • butt softener and tone corrector.
  • under-boob toner to remove dark spots.
  • shower wash.
  • hand softener.
  • heel softener and foot scrub.


Size: 6oz

Shelf Life: Best used within 90 days of purchase. Keep in a cool setting. 

Customer Reviews

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Hello Prettii
Who knew?

Who never knew that I needed a coffee face scrub? My face is super sensitive- SUPER. I use “See this glow” 2x a day, and no irritation. Just a cleaned well moisturized and exfoliated face. Not too harsh, and the in the mornings the coffee really wakes up. Very refreshing.