Million Dollar Cewchie

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The exfoliate of your dreams created to reduce the chances of ingrown hairs, lighten the vagina area, scrub away dead skin to uplift ingrown hairs as well as open pores to free ingrown hairs. 

Directions: before waxing,using a hair removal product or shaving, exfoliate the vagina's external skin. rinse and prepare for a smoother hair removal process. use after removing hair as well.

Results: reduced chances of ingrown hairs, assistance removing ingrown hairs. within days of use, you'll see a more even, more toned complexion in the vagina area.

Contains the following:

coconut oil | shea butter | wax | organic coconut sugar | turmeric | geranium oil


Customer Reviews

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D Richardson
Smooth Lady

The million dollar cewchie does exactly what it says it does it’s an amazing exfoliate. I love how moisturized it left fat mama

Best Product Hands Down!

I’ve been using this product since before it was Million Dollar Moosie and this is hands down one of the BEST products I’ve used for my cewch! It’s extremely helpful with preventing ingrowns! I don’t EVER get them when using this product. It works extremely well that when I run out, I’m hunting the owner down on social media. Lol, but trust me, the RESTOCKS are MAJOR! Sign up so you don’t miss out! This product is truly a gem. It exfoliates with a smooth rub and even has a nice shine/glow. This product is so popular in my household that even my husband uses it! Yes, my husband which means it’s gender friendly. Don’t let the name fool you! It’s not just for the cewch! But yes, try this product and I can guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed.

Janee Moore
Love it!

I had the original exfoliant that was created a while back and I loved that so I knew I would love this new one too. I tried it for the first time a week ago and I was correct!

Teleyah Rodriguez
Love it

I love the fresh feeling one I get out the shower. I’m going to stock up on this product.

Nadrina W.

Ultra moisturizing and gentle. I love and need to keep this stocked.